All about Us
Some friends call us the "Price sisters" but most call us Debbie and Lisa.

We have been involved with animals since we each were little girls.We started with Labador Retreivers, as well as showing Hunter Jumpers in horses. They were are pet companions that traveled with us to the Farm. When financialy showing horses was getting to expensive, we thought "showing dogs couldn't be that much diffent" We had friends who had Corgis and we fell in love with breed! We had each acquired a Corgi, Debbie choose a Tri-color named "Tyler" and I choose a Sable named "Radar". Even though each was not for the conformation ring, we did not purchase from a quality breeder, each went to Obedience school and Tyler earned his CD. Sadly Tyler has gone over the Rainbow Bridge 12/28/08, he will be missed. Radar past away at a very early age. We had to start over and purchase from a high quality breeder that had already been breeding for nearly 30 years of Corgis and Shepherds. Our first Champion was Ch. Vonshore's Tease Alert although we never was able to have a litter out of her, her father gave us our foundation for which you will find almost all of dogs go back to still til this day.

Over the past 20 years we have had 13 Pembrokes and 3 Cardigans that have earned their Championship Title in Conformation. We are still in the "learning process" (yes you can never stop learning) and thank you to our mentors each and every day.

Our Goal
To produce dogs that will excel in temperment and excellent health. Not only for the conformation ring but as well for a family pet. For the new year 2013 we look forward to the challenge of the Grand Championship Title for Jackson and litter sister Billie Jean. Another litter sister Abby (co-owned with Liz Pruitt) obtaining her Bronze Level Grand Championship. For our Cardigans- Maxwell obtaining his Bronze Grand Championship.

We Invite you...
To our "home" in Roberstville, MO.

If you are considering a Corgi we welcome you to browse through pictures. All of our dogs are members of our family and we take a great deal of time and effort in the upkeep it requires to keep them in good condition and health.

Again we welcome you to our home and/or questions!

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