An open invitation to independent artists is happy to introduce a a powerful feature in our website builder service. This addition provides an opportunity for increased exposure and potentially more traffic to your website.

If you are here, you have either been contacted directly by SiteSkins team members or you have found out about this opportunity by our FAQ page. Thanks for stopping by to check out this opportunity.

About SiteSkins
SiteSkins is a service that allows individuals to build, manage and host a website, choose a skin (or site style) for their site, and reskin at any time.

About SiteClips
The audio clip library, called SiteClips, allows our users to insert short audio clips in the form of quick loading flash files, which contain music loops, sound effects, or ambient textures.

Get Exposure
We are seeking artists who want to allow us to 'mine' their music for clips (usually instrumental, 5-10 second loops) which would be turned into flash files and uploaded to our database. The loops would be accompanied by a song name, a band credit, and also a link to the band website or other website (such as, at the bands discretion).

As users browse clips to add to their pages, they see a description of the clip, the credit to the band, and the link to the band's website, providing a great opportunity for people to hear your music and click to find out more about it. If this interests you at all, you can opt-in by filling out our online form, and giving us your pertinent info. Thanks for taking the time to check this out. Make your own website