About Us - The horses that we own we are producing to be 'well educated' and confident individuals and as such they can be here training with us anything from a period of 6mths to 2yrs and therefore we know our horses inside out and in most situations, they are happy, confident horses and we wish to match them with nice people, who are experienced riders and can continue to produce them well.

Sometimes we have unbroken horses that we offer for sale once 'up from our fields'. - These are quality well bred horses that we have choosen for their temperament, paces and breeding. This is a good opportunity for a buyer to purchase an unspoilt, well handled horse to produce themselves.

We do NOT have horses 'in' one day and sold the next!

Likewise our horses will not be 'cheap', but they will have been fed correctly, rugged up and looked after well, trained correctly, wormed, had teeth and backs done and their vaccinations upto date.

Please feel free to call for details & prices or to make an appointment to visit

Tel.. 07903 311902

Price Bands.. A =  £4000 to £7000. B = £7000 to £9000. C = £9000 to £15000

(Prices are 'banded' as we continue to train, compete and improve the horses)


16.1hh Gelding Rising 7yrs British Bred Warmblood

This super boy is very smart and quick thinking, with lovely paces a bold, scopey jump and all the heart, talent and enthusiasm you would want in a lovely young competition horse.

He loves to please and enjoys working, he is very balanced, rhythmical and 'measured' on his approach to fences. He has never been scared jumping and is therefore bold, happy and confident. He has been to plenty of training shows and now competed three times out at BS competitions jumping double clears in British Novice on a ticket. He will easily make a 'big track' horse. He is perfectly behaved at shows - warms up nicely with the other horses, does'nt get silly or excited in the warm-up and leaves the other horses to go in the ring without any fuss.

His flatwork is very nice and he has been well produced. He is obedient in his transitions and willing to take you forward and happy to learn. Currently working at Novice/Elementary with some lateral work.

He has been Cross Country schooling a handful of times and he has again proved very interested, bold and willing to learn, jumping steps, skinnies, ditches and all the usual XC fences. He has been in water complexes although is rather timid of them so more experience of doing this would benefit him if you were looking to produce an Eventer.

His full history is known from birth as we have bred and trained him ourselves. He has been riden by different riders so is not a 'one person' horse. He has never been sick, sorry or lame and is a very sound, solid horse. You can leave him for as long as you like and then just tack up, get on and ride ... he will be as good as gold.

He is not totally 'perfect' tho! He will sometimes occassionally weave.  He is bold out hacking and is happy to lead, marching along in front but sometimes spooks at random leafs, crisp packets and weird things - he does not react more than a 'jump' (he does not spin and bomb off!) He does not spook when trotting or cantering and 'getting on with stuff'. (He hacks out with us about once every 3 months so probably if hacked more regularly he would improve a lot)



16.1hh Mare rising 4yrs British Bred Warmblood (Unbroken - as of 26th August now lunging in tack)

Another super youngster, 'up from the fields'. Well handled with superb paces and a lovely athletic jump. Bred with top showjumping lines but also with the movement of a dressage horse and the stamp of a top show horse!

This is a lovely mare  

16.1hh 4yo ultra modern blood type mare. 
Approved by KWPN and Zangersheide her G.Sire 'Tjungske' represents 23 years of breeding of show jumpers.
His great-grandmother Twiggy is embedded in many good horses and was a living legend. Twiggy combined with Voltaire x Dammen (Almé Z) x Julio Mariner xx and Carthago makes Tjungske a valuable gene pool.Tjungske jumps as we expected. He has a good, well-balanced canter, tremendously fast reflexes over the jump and an athletic use of his body and legs.
His foals are correct, elegant and long legged. The offspring of Tjungske are in great demand among the riders. The Expo Talent Sale auctioned two in 2009: Apollo for 100,000 euros and Atamara for 42,000 euros . In June 2011 Tjungske son,'Theo', won the championships for 5-year-old show jumpers of the German provence Bayern and was qualified for the Bundeschampionate with an 8.5.
This lovely young mares own dam jumped to 135 level herself and, this super young mare, looks set to emulate her. Shes a real mover and super careful jumper loose. She will have a big future showjumping or eventing. Naturally she is unspoilt and untried. Moves straight, has no blemishes and is geneally a really nice mare. Ready to break and produce.


She combines enough blood, breeding, temperament, paces and quality to excell in any discipline, so would make a lovely Eventer, Showjumper, Dressage horse or show horse. A really lovely prospect for someone to purchase and produce how they want.

Price Band 'A'




16.1hh Rising 5yrs Mare by 'SPEILBERG' . Outstanding Dressage, Event or SJ Prospect



This stunning mare was purchased by us as an unhandled 3yr old and has been carefully produced by us to date.

Dressage - 

She has 'world champion dressage sires' on every line of her breeding and as such she has a very quick hindleg, is 'uphill', forward thinking and naturally very balanced. She is quick to learn, very light off the aids, responsive and eager to please.

She is working at Novice/Elementary and as such has started some leg-yeild and shoulder in. She scored 72% in her first dressage outing, in a 'long arena' test against a very strong field.

Showjumping -

She has been out to a handful of local shows including showjumping British Novice on a ticket and going double clear.. she has a very scopey jump! She has behaved impeccably, from loading perfectly, travelling, warming up with all the other horses and well behaved in the ring - in fact you would think she had been doing it all her life!


XC Schooling -

She has been XC schooling and has taken everything in her stride, drops, bank, steps, dithes and water, she is completely unphased, super intelligent and once again proving to be totally happy to try anything asked of her.

She hacks around our land on her own and doesnt look at anything, she hacks out with others and happily goes first or last, she is not a spooky horse in any way and is always happy, well mannered and loves humans.


She would make a fantastic Eventer, Showjumper or Dresaage horse.

Please call for further details, current price etc. Band 'B'

Tel. 07903 311902


Top Showjumping Bloodlines

3yrs (2016) 16.1hh Zangersheide Gelding - The very best showjumping bloodlines!!

His Sire: Elvis Ter Putte G.Sire Diamant De Semilly (Le Tot De Semmilly)

Elvis Ter Putte's Dams Sire is DARCO, The GG Dam is by Quidam de Revel

His Dam: Pamelinda is by Animo, whos sire is the great Alme Z


This lovely gelding is already showing great boldness and athletiscism over his first few loose jumps, he also has easy, loose paces and is very willing, into everything and a really nice character. He is well handled, loves being fussed, good with rugs on and off etc. Wormed, vaccinated & regularly trimmed. He is very happy with people and should be an easy one to back. (As of 26th August 2019 now started lunging work.)

Price Band A




**SOLD ** 16.hh Mare by 'I'M SPECIAL DE MUZE' . (born 2013) **SOLD**

Her bloodlines are from the very best of World Class Showjumping Sires From the  'I'm Special de Muze' line on her fathers side and her own Dam being direct from INDOCTRO as such, she possess an effortless, powerful and scopey jump when loose schooled and now also has had her first jump under saddle and showing the same ability, along with superb paces which would be much admired in the dressage world.

She has very good conformation, lovely paces and a calm but competitive nature.

This lovely mare is super easy, friendly and kind. She has had a foal and has now been 'backed'. She is very good to handle, change rugs, bath, lead around and with farrier etc.

Is sound and healthy with no vices and has perfect X-rays. But is completely open to any vets, x-rays ect.

Band A



**SOLD**  4yrs (2014) Gelding 16hh **SOLD**

Sire: 'Quiwi Dream' (Quidam de Revel - Contender - Landadel - Ramiro)  Dam Line: 'Ampere' - (Rousseau - Samarant)


Charming young gelding with all the attributes to make him a real contender for pure Dressage Competition, or BYEH classes in 2019. Superb, straight, loose paces. An active hind leg and an effortless jump.

This lovely horse is proving very level headed and takes everything in his stride, enjoys being with people and learning new things, loves loose jumping and sees a stride from a long way out, bold and calm at all times.

Now been out to competitions, loads, travels perfectly and behaves in warm up and main arenas. Hacks all around the farm on his own or in company. Never any trouble.  Very happy, well adjusted young horse. A real asset to any competition string and easy for anyone to produce.

Clean, limbs, no vices. Clean Vets Cert and perfect X-Rays. PRICE BAND 'C'



**SOLD**  16.2hh 7yrs Dapple Grey Mare  Event Prospect **SOLD**


Super Event prospect, tested the water BE last year and was 6th on 3rd time out. Then rider was out of action until July, so she has been on the 'back burner' just 'ticking over'.

Recently completed her fist BE90 finished on her dressage score of 29.5 'double clear' and very pleased with herself!.

She is also out competing BS, BN & Disc. This lovely, striking mare is very honest with a big canter and a really scopey jump, loves jumping and jumps anything you ask her to.   Imported into UK as a 3yr old, competed at Hickstead in the 4yr old classes, been here owned by myself for the last two and a half years, schooling, jumping, competiting and XC training. She is a real yard favourite.

She has lovely paces and works nicely on the flat, with a very easy going, willing nature. Excellent to hack on her own or in company. No vices. Perfect to load and travel. Well behaved at shows.

Open to any vet etc



SOLD   Super All Rounder 16hh 9yrs Bright Bay Mare


Super competition mare. Lovely paces, works nicely but still more to learn - will do a lovely dressage test, nice jump and eager to get to her fences, competed BS Brit Nov and Disc. Would be an easy one to take BE 80/90 eventing. Brilliant in traffic, hacks alone or in company, perfect to load etc. Not really a first horse/novice persons ride. Not nasty in any way just a decent proper little competition horse.


SOLD  Fantastic Riding Club horse

16hh Dark Brown Irish Mare. 10yrs old.  Same home last 3yrs











16.1hh 6yrs Mare by 'Caretino Glory'

Top Potential as a Showjumper or Eventer, this lovely mare is a real head turner, with super paces and a bold, scopey jump. She has £235 winnings and was 2nd in her first Newcomers 08/06/16.  She is ideal for any ambitious, talanted rider to carry on producing her, she is snaffle mouth and 'light' to ride.












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