Our Riders and Trainers
We have a strong team here with extensive experience in breaking, schooling and competing young horses. Whether its backing a young horse, re-educating a horse with difficulties or simply bringing on and competing a horse with potential in either Horse Trials, Dressage or Show Jumping, we can help.

All horses are trained positively, with patience, persistence and perseverance. Resulting in confident horses that are happy in their work and trained specifically for their chosen discipline.

We specialise in 'Short Term Livery' for:-

Backing and bringing on Young Horses
Re-Educating Horses with behaviour issues
Producing horses for sale for clients
Training & Competing horses for Owners
Training Courses for Horse & Rider

Whatever your requirements please call 07903 311902 to discuss your needs.

WENDI SHERIDAN. Owner, Rider & Trainer at Sheridan Sport Horses.
Grace Gerry. Upcoming Event Rider based here with her own horses and sponsors horses. Grace is another rider involved in breaking & schooling at Sheridan Sport Horses.

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