Koa Wood

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W44 $20.00 S/H $18.00. 22.5x 4.5 tapers to 1.25x1. Light brown grain with black ribbon grain running thru it. Wood is wet fresh cut. The ends are sealed with wax.
WDL107 Koa $6.00 S/H $15.00 21.25"x2"x1". Select Koa grain with about 16% moisture content.
WDL 114, 117 $12.00 S/H $20.00. 114 28.5"x1.25"x3/4", 117 31.5"x4.5"x1/2". Koa 2 boards with select grain.

DOA289 Koa $470.00 S/H $80.00 M.R.

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