Danica Rose Waytowich

Danica Rose Waytowich
I was born in 1994. My birtday is on May 6th. I go to school at Lone Star Elementary. I have two brothers named Nic and Brian. I have a sister named Michelle. My dad's name is Ric, and my mom's name is Vicki. My family is spread out all over the east coast.

Danica's likes
I like being in school. I like playing basketball. I like pizza, beaferonie and roman noodles. I like playing on the computer and getting on the enternet. I like hanging around my brother. I like my mom and dad.

Danica's dislikes
I don't like Lasagna, spicy nachos, grape nuts,and red beans and rice. I also don't like to go outside and play in the rain.

Danica's hobbies
I like to play golf, tennis, bowling, swimming, Drawing, coloring, typing, playing board games and talk to my freinds.

Danica's friends
Aunya,Robby,Ralan,Matthew,Jessica L.,
Emily,Alvee,Victoria,Kenny B.,Angelo,

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