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customize your SiteSkins website
Using a website builder to make your own website means that your site will look just like everyone else right? Not anymore! SiteSkins addresses this issue with a full range of customization options to give your website the uniqueness it needs to stand apart from the crowd. You still enjoy all of the ease-of-use benefits of our powerful website builder, but without the "cookie cutter" feel you expect from a template website. In the following walk-through, we'll take an "out of the box" website and customize it to show what's possible with SiteSkins website builder.

Sometimes you just can't find the exact style you need to launch your new business. That was the case with this site owner. She designed custom cakes and needed something with a look to match. She had some great photos and asked us if we could help her. She had initially loved the "Islander" series, and was using one with purple flowers and muted greens. It was ok, but not what she was looking for. (see image at right, click to enlarge)

click image to see larger version
click image to see larger versionCUSTOM SKIN
To start with, we created a custom skin, using the image she provided for us. The color in the image was great, so we sampled from it to create the main colors for the rest of the graphics. The result is shown at left. It's already a total transformation from the pond flowers and would reflect well with her subject matter. But we're not finished yet...
Next, we applied her company logo to the logo area, replacing the default heavy black site name text. Now it has a great flow with the rest of the look and feel. But the sides are still a little bare. They are just plain white and need just a little lift, but nothing that will distract from the main body of the website... click the image at right to see what a difference the new logo makes.
customthumb1_3.jpg - 33264 Bytes
customthumb1_4.jpg - 37915 BytesCHANGE THE BACKGROUND
In this skin series we were able to play a little with the background, without creating any problems with legibility. We added a playful pattern which almost looks like frosting so that on wide monitors, this area wouldn't be all whitespace. Click on the image to see the final results.

This is just one example of how SiteSkins was able to be much more than a "website builder", and truly created a custom website, which still allows the site owner to enjoy all of the tools of a "DIY" website builder to manage her content over time, quickly and easily. If you would like to see how we can help you customize your website, call us at 1.866.940.6636, or send us an email at: support@siteskins.net.

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