Interested in a Brynlea Puppy?
NOTE: We are not anticipating any new litters until late in 2015. Please consult the Facebook page for Responsible Corgi Breeders or the PWCCA membership list (links located on my "Contact/Links" page).

I suggest contacting me as early as possible as I generally have a waiting list for puppies. General information inquiries may be sent to:

Here at Brynlea we generally breed or co-breed 2-3 litters per year. I invite all inquiries and am more than happy to refer you to another reputable breeder if I do not have the right puppy for you - HOWEVER - if you are looking for a puppy as a birthday or Christmas gift, or you are not willing to wait for the RIGHT puppy, I'm afraid you will be disappointed to know that I do not sell puppies as gifts nor do I have an endless stream of puppies for sale at any given time. Our litters are very carefully planned, with several things in mind:

1. Health clearances. Not only will both parents be OFA (hips), CERF (eyes) and VWD (clotting disorder) clear, but we also take into consideration the tendency for minor ailments (allergies, skin disorders, etc.) when breeding a litter.
2. Temperament. This is actually on the same level as health to me……..the beauty of a dog is immaterial if they do not make calm, intelligent and easily trained companions. I don’t want hyperactive, nippy or overly intense Corgis in my house, and I doubt that you would, either!
3. Conformity to the PWC Standard. I am a firm believer that a litter should only be bred to improve the bloodline, not line one’s pockets. Corgis are a wonderful breed; however, in order to keep up our standard of excellence in all aspects of the breed, we as breeders must strive to improve our stock with each new generation.

My puppies are not "cheap" - breeding and rearing quality animals correctly and doing extensive health testing is very expensive. If you are looking for a Corgi puppy and have budgeted under $900 to purchase one, I ask you to think over your decision very carefully. A "cheap" puppy is usually anything BUT cheap in the long run. However, I also do not believe that pet puppy buyers should finance a breeder's show hobby, unnecessary means to get a bitch pregnant or elective C-sections. My prices are based on the quality of the puppy, the perks included when buying from an experienced and established breeder, and the guarantees I offer not blindly, but with my reputation on the line.

Once puppies are born, the process of evaluating and conditioning them begins immediately. All litters are whelped and raised in our home, and the puppies are constantly exposed to all of the sights, sounds and smells of a busy household. They are socialized with children, other dogs, and adults of all shapes and sizes. We even pipe in a variety of sound recordings (thunderstorms, traffic, and playground noise to name a few) so that the puppies become familiar with any type of environment they might encounter.

We let our puppies go to new homes at 10 weeks; at which time they have been weaned, vaccinated, vet checked, and started on housebreaking. We like to form a relationship with our puppy buyers, and keep them informed with photos and weekly progress updates on the puppies. Puppies are selected for each individual or family based on both answers from my Prospective Puppy Buyers Questionnaire and temperament evaluations of the puppies. Personal preferences are taken into consideration as well.

We will not ship puppies and do require a face to face meeting in order to take a puppy home with you. ALL PET PUPPIES ARE SOLD EXCLUSIVELY ON SPAY/NEUTER AGREEMENTS AND UNDER AKC LIMITED REGISTRATION. Show puppies are sold only under private treaty.

When you take home a Brynlea puppy, you can expect:

1. to receive an informative Puppy Book before you bring your puppy home, to help you prepare for the homecoming, addressing of beginning training, grooming, housebreaking, locating a veterinarian and Puppy Kindergarten class, etc.
2. Complete records for the puppy including 4 generation pedigree, health record, photos of sire and dam, feeding instructions, etc.
3. 30 days of FREE pet health insurance provided through Trupanion.
4. A microchip for implantation by your veterinarian for permanent I.D. – your corgi will never be lost!
5. A Puppy Sales contract which includes an initial health and long-term (5 years) genetic health guarantee.
6. Support for the LIFE of your dog, come what may
7. A beautiful, healthy, and kindly tempered Corgi to love and enjoy for many years!

If you are interested in hearing more about upcoming litters or would like to have a Prospective Puppy Buyer questionnaire sent to you, please contact me via phone or email (questionnaire is now accessible from the "Contact/Links" page of this website). I do not generally keep a waiting list for puppies but will contact those who completed questionnaires FIRST.

Many Corgis carry a recessive long coat gene, and when the moons align correctly, we do get what we call "fluffies" - Corgis who have a longer, softer coat. Fluffies do not have any MORE hairs than a regular coated Corgi, but the texture is more like that of a longhaired cat. They do require a bit more grooming, but when kept as indoor pets, it is not extensive. Fluffies seem to know they are "different" right away, and I find they are generally the Class Clowns of each litter. They are truly adorable, and make wonderful pets, though our Breed standard denotes that this sort of coat is a serious fault for the show ring; therefore, we do not breed them. I do charge a reduced rate for my fluffies so that owners may invest in the luxury of a professional groomer on occasion to neaten their Corgi up!


"Chelsea" a pretty, and typical, Brynlea fluffy.
Corgi puppy kisses are simply THE BEST!
"Brynna" a beautiful sable Brynlea fluffy.

"George" a tricolor cutie
The Bubble girls, Ruben-Bea Part 2, at 3 months of age
Brynlea Sarandipity, another adorable fluffy.

Week old babies
Baby Patrick, a Ruben son Make your own website