What are we searching for?
Every individual is on a search whether they realize it or not. Are we all searching for the same thing? Many would argue that we are not on the same quest. I think we are. We have become so caught up in being diffent and unique that we forget that we are all alike because we are like God! God has a spirit, and we all have a spirit. God has his words that he is bound to, and we have our words that we are bound to; many of us do not understand this so we speak things into existence that holds us hostage and sets us back. Lastly, God has a body(spiritual), and we also have a body(physical). Bottom line, we are searching for the God within us so that we can attain our spiritual body.
See we are spiritual beings with a body, not the other way around. We are searching for spirituality.

What is spirituality?
Simple. Spirituality is getting rid of all things that holds us hostage. Spirituality is the process of liberating our mind. Once we understand that our mind is superior to the body, and the body will do whatever the mind tell it to do, then we can began to shed the skin of ignorance and repression. Too often we are trying to satisfy this physical body when in actuality it is what we should be trying to lose. Why over-satisfy? If we can change the way we treat ourselves then surely we can change the way we treat each other.

We are all brothers and sisters!
God is our father. He wants us to help one another, teach one another, and learn from one another. We must understand the equation. God=God.
We as individuals want to add "I" to the equation. God + "I"=Self.
As you can see this equation is not balanced. We must give up ourselves,and know that we are not more important than anyone else because we are in the same position. We are all here on Earth trying to earn a chance to move on.

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